We Are National Labs

National Labs commitment is to provide custom, quality O&P products at best value so practitioners can concentrate on what they do best, focused patient care.

We are Experts.

Our Leadership Team includes Mechanical Engineers, Quality & Process Engineers, Certified Clinicians & Technicians and an Inventor who holds more than 20 granted and pending O&P design patents. Trained technicians are dedicated to unique product lines to focus on quality control and process efficiency.

We are Comprehensive.

National Labs is unrivaled in size & expertise. We are the largest Custom O&P Manufacturer in US and are digital and automation capable. Our portfolio depth includes head to toe Orthotic and Prosthetic Innovations and we offer specialized product lines Including Charleston Bending Brace-night time scoliosis management and Scootz -Pediatric AFOs.

We are Partners.

Combining our expertise, portfolio and network efficiencies enables us to deliver Quality Products and provide Best Value.